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Lectures from Dr. James E. Dolezal on Divine Incomprehensibility and the Trinity (Contemporary Issues)

Last October, the Reformed Baptist association of Québec hosted a course on the Doctrine of God with Dr. James E. Dolezal. This was a 30-hour course that was proven to be highly beneficial to all the participants. By clicking this link, you can download three selected lectures:

  1. Divine Incomprehensibility (part 1)
  2. Divine Incomprehensibility (part 2)
  3. Divine Trinity (Contemporary Issues)

For more teaching on the doctrine of God from Dr. Dolezal, we highly recommend the lectures given at the 2015 Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference.

Next year our association is planning a course on Christian apologetic and other religions with Dr. James R. White. Stay tuned for more details…

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