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What’s new in the revised edition of the Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology?

Since my book first came out in January of 2013, I wanted to revise it. At first it was minor corrections and typos, but along the way came some important precision that I wanted to include in my work. I have written this blog post to explain what’s new in the revised edition of the Distinctiveness. If you think it’s worth it, you may buy the paperback version or the kindle version on Amazon. Let’s start with a new endorsement by an important French theologian.


The French-speaking Baptists,

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By Farther Steps – Part 1


A Seventeenth-Century Particular Baptist Covenant Theology

From Recovering a Covenantal Heritage: Essays in Baptist Covenant Theology, ed. Richard C. Barcellos, RBAP, 2014. Copyright © 2014 Richard C. Barcellos. All rights reserved. (Used with permission)

Covenant theology is at the core of Reformed thought. In the seventeenth century, Particular Baptists developed their own understanding of covenant theology. Their view was at the same time similar and distinct from their fellow paedobaptist contemporaries. In this chapter, we will present seventeenth-century Particular Baptist federalism.

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Pauline Theology with Dr. Guy Waters – Free lectures

CERB 2015Last month the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of Québec held a theology class with Dr. Guy Waters, N.T. professor at RTS Jackson MS. The complete course is composed of 16 lectures of approximately 90 minutes each. In this blog post, you will find 4 selected lectures (see the titles below). The videos and the audio files contain the same material.
Below you will also find links to a two parts interview that Brandon Adams and Pascal Denault recorded with Dr. Waters for the Confessing Baptist Podcast.


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1689 Federalism

RBS-16891689 Federalism is the Particular Baptist understanding of the Covenant of Grace as stated in the Second London Confession of Faith of 1689. This particular view is distinct from the Westminster view that holds to the concept of one Covenant of Grace under two distinct administrations which are the Old and the New Covenants. From this view, the Westminster Confession allows the Old Covenant to define the Covenant of Grace (its nature, its stipulations, its blessings) and end up with a Covenant of Grace that is mixed (saved & unsaved) by nature because it includes the physical posterity of all those who profess faith.

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