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The Distinctiveness Available in Spanish, Portuguese and French

Lately my book on the covenant theology of the Particular Baptists The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. It is available in French since 2016. For now, the Spanish version is only available in paperback but an electronic version should be released with Logos soon. The Portuguese version is only available through Kindle, but should be printed in book format very soon.  I just wanted to share the information so you can inform your friends speaking these languages who could be interested in this debate.

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What’s new in the revised edition of the Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology?

Since my book first came out in January of 2013, I wanted to revise it. At first it was minor corrections and typos, but along the way came some important precision that I wanted to include in my work. I have written this blog post to explain what’s new in the revised edition of the Distinctiveness. If you think it’s worth it, you may buy the paperback version or the kindle version on Amazon. Let’s start with a new endorsement by an important French theologian.


The French-speaking Baptists,

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